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Mar 06, 2024 HData Team

Southwire Company Announces Investment in HData

In support of Southwire’s strategic investment initiative, the company is pleased to announce an investment in HData, a software company that automates regulatory data analysis. 

HData, based in Birmingham, Ala., digitizes regulated energy industry data by automating access to critical analytics for electric, oil and gas companies and their regulators. 

“Our investment in HData gives us a valuable partnership in the rapidly developing world of AI for business intelligence,” said Charles Hume, managing director of Southwire Technology Ventures. “As a leading supplier to the utility industry, we are excited about the insights that our partnership with HData will provide into the industry.” 

As a part of this investment, Southwire will join HData’s Advisory Board, represented by Donna Ward, gaining further insights into the utility industry. 

“I am excited to be part of Southwire’s engagement with HData,” said Donna Ward, Southwire’s vice president of utility sales and commercial marketing. “HData’s technology will fundamentally improve regulatory tasks and will be an asset to the Energy industry.”

HData’s proprietary software can scan and extract insights from Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) reports, turning mutli-thousand-page PDFs into actionable charts, comparisons and insights.

"We couldn't be prouder to welcome Southwire to HData as both a customer and a Series A investor,” said Hudson Hollister, founder and CEO of HData. “This new partnership underscores the value of our regulatory data platform to supply crucial intelligence for a fast-transitioning energy industry, including leading suppliers shaping the future of power delivery like Southwire."

HData joins a portfolio of investments managed by the Southwire Technology Ventures team. This team collaborates with pioneering startups to build the future of smart power within the realms of smart buildings, electric mobility and the grid of the future. To learn more, visit the Southwire Technology Ventures team webpage.

Published by HData Team March 6, 2024