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Apr 30, 2024 HData Team

HData Becomes First Company to Introduce AI Citations, Creating a New Standard for AI-Generated Analysis

New AI Citations tool is the only solution that illuminates the sources behind AI-generated responses.

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Today, energy regulatory technology company HData became the first to launch AI Citations as part of their platform, creating a new standard for AI-generated analysis. HData’s Citations addresses a major limitation with existing generative AI solutions, now making it possible to verify underlying information used to generate a response, and feasible to check responses for accuracy.  When users prompt HData’s Regulatory AI to analyze state-level and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) reports and dockets, they can now view citations that point to the sources of text within documents that informed AI-generated responses. 

"Transparency is critical for AI adoption in the regulated energy industry," says Hudson Hollister, co-founder and CEO of HData. "Our Regulatory AI solution helps organizations better prepare for legal proceedings and gain insights from large volumes of regulatory documents. The ability to verify accuracy is a requirement for practical use in this context."

HData unlocks credible, reliable AI use for the power, utilities, and pipeline sector, energy regulators, and consumer advocates. In preparation for legal proceedings, regulated energy professionals must research, review, and analyze hundreds of lengthy documents on tight timelines. With HData’s centralized document library, users gain access to more than one million authoritative documents from federal and state-level sources, which streamlines searches for relevant information. Users can then leverage HData’s Regulatory AI to answer complex questions about these documents. AI Citations are viewable alongside the responses, allowing users to verify fact-based sources. This leap in transparency provides a safer path to the insights, time savings, and cost savings that AI can deliver to the energy industry.

"When AI operates as a black box, users feel exposed to a lot of risk and uncertainty," says Yuval Lubowich, HData co-founder and chief technology officer. "We frequently hear this concern, and that's why we continue to build guardrails and safety measures that you're not going to get from other solutions that exist today."

The AI Citations tool is now available in the HData platform. To learn more about HData and its purpose-built solutions for the RegTech industry, visit

About HData
HData is a technology company that makes it easy for anyone in the regulated energy industry to file, explore, and analyze FERC data. Using AI and automation, thousands of pages of data that was previously tedious, manual, and error-prone to manage has been transformed into rich intel that empowers analysts to do their jobs with confidence. HData’s groundbreaking Regulatory AI allows users to query fully secured data libraries (including their own private documents) to get quick and accurate answers to their business-critical questions. Visit to learn more.

Published by HData Team April 30, 2024