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Sep 07, 2023 Hudson Hollister

HData Launches the Private Catalog, the Regulated Energy Industry’s First AI Solution Capable of Leveraging Both Public Data and Private Documents

HData’s proprietary AI technology, Regulatory AI, can query over a decade of public FERC filings and forms alongside customer-uploaded data to deliver insights in seconds.

BIRMINGHAM, AL, SEPTEMBER 7, 2023 – HData, the leading data platform for regulatory technology, today announced the launch of its Private Catalog, a generative AI-powered solution that allows regulated energy analysts to instantly query and analyze their own data collections alongside HData’s existing library of publicly available FERC forms and filings. Regulatory AI provides quick and easy prompts analysts can use for interacting with massive amounts of data, which now securely include private documents. Natural language responses come complete with citations, custom formatting, and the ability to do trend analysis and calculations. Analysis that would have taken months to do now takes seconds. 

Before HData’s Regulatory AI, the vast majority of data was very difficult to access and analyze for energy companies and their regulators. Critical insights needed for competitive, comparative, and predictive decision making took months to uncover, and often were incomplete because of data availability and hygiene. HData addressed this challenge by enabling organizations to add their own PDFs, DOCs, PPTs, TXT, and HTML documents to Regulatory AI in a separate, secure document repository. The data from these documents is then available for AI-powered queries alongside the existing HData Library, which has been trained exclusively on regulatory data, including the hundreds of thousands of pages of documents from the 30,000+ publicly available FERC filings dating back to 2011. 

The Private Catalog design further instills confidence for customers by keeping their data strictly confidential, with SOC 2 Type II certified security measures safeguarding it. Chat history remains inaccessible to unauthorized users, and answers are not accessible or downloadable outside the organization. To bolster trust in model outcomes, each answer includes attribution and can be traced to the original documents.

“HData has been a revolutionary technology for our team, cutting the time spent on data entry and increasing our insights,” said Susan Gamble, Regulatory Affairs Supervisor at Alabama Power Company. “The AI tool that HData has created is changing the way the energy industry is doing business. It’s changing the way that we see the future.”

HData’s AI technology is only trained on regulatory data, ensuring that users are making decisions with accurate, hallucination-free intel. HData’s purpose-built large-language model is grounded in industry data, trained to only answer questions it can find referenceable answers to. Additionally, users can specify their preferred answer format with options for tables, bullets, or numbered lists, ensuring the platform delivers data that’s actionable and ready to use.

“With the HData Private Catalog, users can dig into publicly-available forms and dockets, or bring their own documents to create a custom, private library. Either way, you’ll have the same prompt-and-answer generative AI-style interface that is easily accessible to any level user,” said Hudson Hollister, founder and CEO of HData. “Industry analysts have traditionally been trapped in the difficult job of data extraction, cleansing, and validating before any actual analysis could happen. But with Regulatory AI, analysts can eliminate the manual data entry and hygiene, and instead focus all their time on capitalizing on the insights hidden within their data.”

HData’s Regulatory AI and Private Catalog eliminates the manual work, making regulatory data management as easy and intuitive as we all know it should be. It is currently available and more information can be found at HData’s security parameters and controls can be found at

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HData is a technology platform that makes it easy for anyone in the U.S. energy industry to file, explore, analyze, and leverage regulatory data. Business Intelligence and Compliance tools eliminate the copying, pasting, and checking that has historically crippled industry analysts’ productivity, while our groundbreaking Regulatory AI queries fully secured data libraries, including private document collections, to sift through thousands of pages to get quick and accurate answers to business-critical questions. Visit to learn more.

Published by Hudson Hollister September 7, 2023