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Nov 01, 2023 HData Team

NextEra Energy Transmission Partners with HData

Paves the Way for Advanced Energy Regulatory Insights

Today, HData, a pioneer in the RegTech industry, announced a strategic partnership with NextEra Energy Transmission (NEET) to deploy HData's analytics, artificial intelligence platform, and alerts for analyses on regulatory data in the electric transmission industry. As NextEra continues to build large and complex transmission projects, the HData platform will unlock a new level of digitization and analytics.

The partnership signifies a momentous leap forward in the digitization of regulatory data management within the energy sector. HData's expertise in RegTech and NextEra Energy Transmission's leadership in the energy industry are poised to revolutionize the way regulatory data is handled, setting new standards for efficiency and effectiveness.

New changes in transmission regulation and decisions on proposed projects quickly impact critical business plans and functions. By automating the monitoring of transmission-relevant keywords and alerting on federal and state dockets with HData, NEET will stay on top of this rapidly fluctuating environment. 

“It’s great to see NextEra using HData’s platform to automate analyses and provide in-depth analytics,” said Hudson Hollister, CEO and Founder of HData. “We look forward to working alongside the NextEra Energy Transmission team to integrate renewable energy into our modern energy systems and strengthen the electric grid.”

The collaboration is projected to save over 500 hours of staff time annually, resulting in significant cost efficiencies for NextEra Energy Transmission. The implementation of HData's AI and analytics capabilities will provide instant updates on regulatory data, enabling NEET to make informed decisions promptly. And by gaining access to HData's advanced analytics and business intelligence tools, NEET can make more informed decisions regarding compliance and operational strategies.

About NextEra Energy Transmission
NextEra Energy Transmission, a subsidiary of NextEra Energy, Inc. (NYSE: NEE), owns, develops, finances, constructs, operates and maintains transmission assets across the continent. NextEra Energy Transmission operates through its regional subsidiaries to integrate renewable energy and strengthen the electric grid. The company's subsidiaries were among the first non-incumbents to be awarded projects by system operators and utility commissions in California, New York and Ontario. NextEra Energy Transmission's portfolio includes operating assets in 10 states, six regional transmission organizations and one Canadian province, with numerous projects under development and construction.

Published by HData Team November 1, 2023