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Sep 28, 2023 Hudson Hollister

Legend Consulting Group Limited and The Wired Group Leverage HData to Improve Industry Insights

HData will support the firms in regulatory data and engagements

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, USA, September 28, 2023 / -- Today, HData, an innovative RegTech company, announced that energy consultant firms Legend Consulting Group Limited and The Wired Group will begin using HData's groundbreaking platform to level up their offerings for clients. The collaboration sets the stage for a new era of AI in the energy industry, driven by HData’s cutting-edge platform that allows users to better manage their regulatory data, glean insights, and streamline their processes.

Renowned for delivering strategic decision support to distribution utility businesses, The Wired Group empowers clients in optimizing strategies spanning smart grids, demand response, distributed energy, and stakeholder engagement. By leveraging HData's utility regulatory data tools, The Wired Group will bolster regulatory testimony and drive industry studies.

“HData’s platform has already proven to be transformative for our industry," stated Paul Alvarez, President of The Wired Group. "By harnessing HData's innovative technologies, we can better support our clients in navigating regulatory complexities with precision and confidence."

As part of its regulatory services practice, Legend Consulting Group Limited will also integrate HData's insights to offer comprehensive energy and regulatory data analysis, illuminating value enhancements for their clientele.

“We are all about enhancing efficiency for our clients and HData allows us to leverage our data faster than ever so we can continue to offer top-tier energy insights,” said Joe Rogers, President of Legend Consulting Group. “This partnership only enhances our ability to deliver top-notch solutions that drive success in the utility sector."

The HData platform seamlessly complements existing capabilities, allowing users to elevate data-driven client recommendations, solidifying their status as industry leaders.

“The Wired Group and Legend Consulting Group understand how powerful it is to have reliable and quick data analysis with the ease of a simple query through our platform. We look forward to helping companies across the energy sector, from large distribution companies to small boutique firms, leverage the power of our AI tools,” said Hudson Hollister, founder and CEO of HData.

HData’s Regulatory AI rapidly transforms millions of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Forms 1, 2, 6, and EIA (Energy Information Administration) data points into digestible financial information, streamlining required regulatory filings and providing valuable insights to multiple departments within the utility. Users with varying levels of expertise can quickly solve complex problems through custom or pre-defined metrics and visualizations. Learn more about HData's capabilities at


About HData
The HData technology platform makes it easy for anyone in the U.S. energy industry to file, explore, analyze, and leverage regulatory data. Business Intelligence and Compliance tools eliminate the copying, pasting, and checking that has historically crippled productivity, while groundbreaking Regulatory AI can query fully secured data libraries, including private document collections, to sift through thousands of pages to get quick and accurate answers to business-critical questions. Visit to learn more.

About Legend Consulting Group
Legend Consulting Group Limited is a privately-owned Colorado corporation that specializes in providing consulting engineering services to clients involved in the regulation, ownership, or operation and maintenance of electric and natural gas utilities. With offices in the Denver, CO metropolitan area, Legend Consulting Group Limited has been providing consulting solutions for over 25 years. More information is available at

About The Wired Group
The Wired Group provides expertise on US utility grid planning, investment, performance, and regulation. Dedicated to the needs of utility regulators and consumer, business, and environmental advocates, the Wired Group’s multi-disciplinary team unleashes latent grid value by examining utility investment and operating plans, improving grid investment plan development processes, advancing utility performance accountability, and advocating for regulatory and ratemaking practices that optimize the balance between customer, shareholder, and environmental interests. To learn more about the Wired Group, please visit

Published by Hudson Hollister September 28, 2023