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Feb 06, 2024 HData Team

HData Team Swiftly Expanding Amid Rapid Industry-Wide Success

In the wake of steady, fast-paced growth and an expanding industry-wide recognition as a technological leader, we’re pleased to share that our team is growing. Two outstanding individuals have joined our ranks. 

Please welcome to the team: 

John Beisty, Senior Sales Executive. Before joining HData, John clocked an impressive 12-year stint at Workiva, where served as a new logo rep. He played a pivotal role in onboarding the majority of Workiva’s customers in the Lone Star State. John's decision to join HData was driven by his passion for emerging technology, his appreciation for exceptional leadership, and the boundless potential for our solution to not only disrupt the industry but (in his words) change the world. His positive attitude and deep industry knowledge make him a valuable addition to the team. 

Jason Stevenson, Account Executive. Jason brings a wealth of experience from his previous role at the Wisconsin Public Service Commission, where he wore multiple hats as an auditor and lead rate analyst. His extensive background includes steering investor-owned rate proceedings, managing municipal rate proceedings, and tackling various regulatory dockets. Jason's enthusiasm is contagious. He has an extraordinary amount of experience processing colossal amounts of data and documents in regulatory filings. After just a few days with us, he's already convinced that HData's tools are a game-changer.

We are very excited about this latest chapter in the HData journey. It’s a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to John and Jason as they get started on the team.

Published by HData Team February 6, 2024