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Jan 23, 2024 HData Team

Not Just Federal Anymore: The First State Dockets are Added to the HData Library!

It’s a milestone we’ve been working hard to achieve, and we’re so excited it’s here: we have state docket data in the HData Library! That’s right – California Public Utilities Commission Dockets are now available in the HData Library for you to search, download, analyze, and query, and a whole host of other states are soon to come, too. 

This important update comes on the heels of a steady stream of new data flowing into the Library: it was already populated with 11 years' worth of FERC Form data. You can comb through all of it with the Librarian, our virtual assistant artificial intelligence tool, Regulatory AI. In September 2023, the team introduced the Private Catalog. This feature lets you add your own documents to the HData Library, where they’re stored separately and securely so they can be included in your queries. In December 2023, the team added FERC Dockets to the Library, too. And here in January 2024, we’ve added California State Dockets, officially making HData capabilities available at the state level for the first time. 

We’ve heard over and over from our customers that dockets are particularly laborious to wrangle. You have to search for the right file, download it, and use a limited keyword search functionality to pinpoint the exact right content you’re looking for. It’s difficult to know if you’ve uncovered all the files to consider or if you’re missing valuable data just because it’s not easy to locate. It’s the proverbial needle in the haystack every time. But now, with docket data easily discoverable in the HData Library, you can not only locate the exact docket you need but also use Regulatory AI to identify, contextualize, and even cite the exact data intelligence you’re looking for. It’ll take minutes to do what used to take days. 

This expansion of the HData Library works particularly well with another relatively new feature of the platform: The Alert Manager. Added in August 2023, Alert Manager lets you set up automatic monitoring functionality for keywords, phrases, and points of intel you want to keep an eye on. Simply build an alert in Alert Manager and the HData platform does the heavy lifting for you, staying on top of relevant updates and sending alerts to your inbox when there’s something new you’ll want to see. (The Alert Manager will be available to use with CA PUC Dockets on 2/7/24.)

As you can see, the team at HData is hard at work to bring all the regulated energy industry’s data into one easy-to-use platform, and we’re not letting up on that momentum any time soon. California Public Utilities Commission Dockets are live in the tool today for select customers; this includes over 13,000 records dating back as far as 1953. If you’re interested in adding CA PUC dockets to your HData Library, reach out to your account executive. We’re making progress to include dockets for all 50 states. Wondering where yours is on the roadmap? Let’s chat.

Published by HData Team January 23, 2024