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Jun 24, 2024 HData Team

Florida Public Service Commission Data Now Available

Nearly 200 financial and operational metrics for each of Florida’s five largest power utilities are now available in HData’s Gateway for raw data export. Earnings Surveillance Reports are filed to the Florida Public Service Commission to help state regulators verify that financial performance and earnings align with approved rates of return.

Reports are filed monthly, totaling more than 100 pages of information per utility each year. All of this data previously lived solely on the state regulator’s website. Made available by the commission as PDF documents, this format requires any interested party to search each page, month by month, for the relevant data to be copied and pasted into a spreadsheet for analysis. Some reports are simply scanned documents, making data extraction even more difficult.

With the use of advanced AI modeling, HData has fully digitized these reports, transforming thousands of static pages into machine-readable data that users can easily find, download, and import into Excel or other data environments.

For utilities and market analysts, data from the Earnings Surveillance Reports is highly valuable for use in benchmarking and comparison across utilities. Analysis of metrics such as operating costs, revenue per customer, return on equity, and debt ratios provide insight into relative efficiency and financial performance of each utility.

HData’s Gateway also includes thousands of data points from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the Energy Information Administration (EIA). Access to this raw data provides users control and flexibility to pull information into pre-built models, and eliminates the error-prone approach of manually copying, pasting, and formatting data for use in other applications.

To learn more about raw data access, analytics, and visualizations for energy data, contact HData for a personalized demo.


Published by HData Team June 24, 2024