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Apr 10, 2024 HData Team

New Features & Enhancements Throughout the HData Platform

Whether you use HData for regulatory compliance, analytics, or intelligence, the latest additions to our platform will help you to more easily manage and gain insights from complex data. New features and enhancements are available across the platform, and many of these additions were built in response to valuable customer feedback. Here’s what’s new for you to explore:

Library: Improved Search & Filtering for Docket Catalogs

Within Library catalogs, individual accessions and proceedings frequently contain a large number of files. The HData Library now offers enhanced search and filtering so that you can easily locate the documents within an accession or proceeding that are most relevant to your search:

  • Searching at the accession or proceeding level returns documents in order of relevancy
  • Filtering capability is now available at the accession or proceeding level to filter the entire document list by tags, document type, the filer, and/or the publish date
  • Searching by accession or proceeding number is now available at the docket level


Gateway: New EIA & FERC Datasets

For the first time, EIA data is available for export in HData’s Gateway. With the addition of EIA-176, you can now map EIA and FERC data to companies that file with both entities. EIA-176 is reported annually based on a mandatory survey of all companies that deliver natural gas to consumers or that transport gas across state lines. It provides data on the origin and transportation of natural gas including volumes, pricing, and revenues.

Also new to Gateway is FERC 549D, which is filed quarterly by intrastate pipeline companies that also provide interstate services. For section 311 pipelines, this form provides data on natural gas transportation and storage contracts, utilization, and associated revenues.

The expansion of Gateway datasets enables you to:

  • Access market intelligence about the contracts of a given pipeline or transportation company and when these contracts expire
  • Understand transport volume and associated revenue for a given company
  • Understand pipeline demand and utilization based on the volume of gas sold and the volume actually delivered
  • Evaluate locations where pipelines may be under-utilized and where there is capacity to bring in additional gas

Both EIA-176 and FERC 549D are exportable as raw data from Gateway. Access to this untreated data provides you control and flexibility for use in your existing models built in external environments.

Compliance: Enhancements to Data Management & Navigation

Help with Negated Values

If the term “negated values” sends you running, you’re not alone. These values can be non-intuitive to work with, and whether or not a negated value is entered as a positive or negative number affects the outcome of the calculation in which the value is used.

That’s why we added a new feature that helps you recognize and check the accuracy of negated values:

  • Red cells within a document now highlight where a value will be negated, or subtracted, according to XBRL taxonomy
  • Scrolling over the tooltip for a highlighted line item shows the calculation where the negated value is being applied
  • This helps determine if you should enter the value as a positive or negative number
  • HData does not manipulate the value—we simply show you the calculation where the value will be negated
Shortcut for XBRL Document Creation

On the Compliance home screen, we’ve added a shortcut for the XBRL document creation assistant. The assistant automatically populates the correct filing taxonomy based on the year, quarter, and form that you select.

Additional Roll Forward Options

Rolling forward historical data to new documents is now expanded and provides the option to:

  • Upload an entire form or specific schedules
  • Apply the same sharing permissions and schedule assignments from the original document
  • Either not import, append existing, or overwrite all footnotes
New Footnote Options

Document footnotes now have version history and are included in document exports. These new features improve the audit trail for footnotes and give you insight into their history.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Form Schedules

To more easily navigate between schedules within a document, we added keyboard shortcuts. For Windows, use control with up and down arrows to switch schedules. For Mac, use command with up and down arrows.

Learn More

HData customers can access further details and walkthroughs in the Knowledge Base, or contact your Customer Success Manager. 

Not an HData customer but want to see how these features work? Schedule a demo to learn about solutions that make it easy for energy industry professionals to file, explore, analyze, and leverage regulatory data.

Published by HData Team April 10, 2024