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Mar 15, 2023 HData Team

Introducing Library Resubmissions: A Feature Update to HData Library

The HData Library has recently undergone an enhancement to help all customers differentiate between original filings and resubmissions. The Library Resubmissions feature offers the ability to view previous versions of the filing, when available from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

With this update, all FERC filings within the Library browser view now include an "original" or "resubmission" label. This makes it easy for all customers to identify when a regulated entity has to resubmit a filing. In addition, all versions of a single filing are nested together, making navigation more seamless.

This new feature update solves a common problem for all HData Library customers, including regulators, advocacy groups, and regulated utilities. The ability to differentiate between original filings and resubmissions is crucial for customers to assess the status and history of a filing accurately. The update also allows customers to easily compare original filings to resubmissions or compare two resubmissions when multiple versions are available.

For regulators and advocacy groups, this feature update allows them to expose trends of which entities are prone to have to resubmit. They can easily view changes between two filing versions, when applicable and available. This insight can help them understand industry trends better and identify areas requiring additional attention.

This update provides visibility into when competitors resubmit a filing for regulated utilities. It allows them to compare and assess what changes occurred when available and applicable. This information can be invaluable in helping regulated utilities understand the competitive landscape and make informed decisions.

In conclusion, the Library Resubmissions feature is a valuable enhancement to the HData Library. This update allows customers to differentiate between original filings and resubmissions and provides access to previous versions of filings when available. The update also allows for easy comparison between versions, making it easier for all customers to assess the status and history of a filing. Whether you're a regulator, advocacy group, or regulated utility, this new feature will provide valuable insights into industry trends and competitive dynamics.

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Published by HData Team March 15, 2023