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May 08, 2023 HData Team

Introducing Gateway: Revolutionizing FERC Data Extraction and Analysis

Do you want to avoid sifting through endless FERC data to find the necessary information? Look no further! We are excited to announce the launch of Gateway, powered by HData.

Gateway simplifies and streamlines your FERC data extraction and analysis, saving you time and effort. This blog post will introduce you to Gateway's features, capabilities, and real-world applications. Let's dive in!



Overview of Gateway

Gateway is a cutting-edge product that offers the most efficient way to extract and transform FERC data. With Gateway, users can specify the exact terms they need, only for the years and companies they’re interested in. You can choose between quarterly, quarterly cumulative, or annual data and decide whether to include associated footnotes. With just a click of a button, Gateway delivers your data in a convenient CSV file, ready for further analysis.

Problems Solved Along The Way

The Gateway solution streamlines the process of selecting specific terms from one or more schedules or forms only for the year(s) and companies you need. This makes it the perfect tool for professionals in the regulatory energy data sector, such as those working at electric utilities, oil & gas, and energy companies. By providing efficiency for anyone needing to assess FERC data over time and/or across multiple companies, Gateway is also ideal for integrating FERC data with your company’s internal data or other data sources you have access to.

Key Capabilities of Gateway

Gateway's user-friendly interface and powerful features set it apart from other FERC data extraction tools:

  1. Straightforward interface: Easily navigate Gateway's intuitive interface to export only the FERC data you need.
  2. Flexible data selection: Specify terms from one or more schedules, forms, years, and companies to tailor your data extraction to your specific needs.
  3. Footnotes inclusion and navigation: Include footnotes for your selected terms and easily navigate between data and footnotes outside the FERC Form.
  4. Options for data frequency: Choose between quarterly, quarterly cumulative, and annual values to suit your analysis requirements.

Real-World Applications

To demonstrate Gateway's capabilities, let's explore two real-world examples:

Case Study 1: Alabama Power's improved FERC data analysis - Alabama Power, a large electric utility provider, faced challenges extracting and analyzing FERC data from multiple years and companies. Gateway's flexible data selection and export capabilities enabled Alabama Power to efficiently analyze the data and make informed decisions on their market strategy.

Case Study 2: ITC's seamless integration of FERC data with internal data - ITC, the largest independent transmission company, wanted to combine FERC data with its internal data sources to view its market position comprehensively. Gateway's customizable CSV exports allowed ITC to merge datasets and unlock valuable insights effortlessly, saving them from the previous need to pull numbers from digging through individual FERC filings.

Getting Started with Gateway 

Ready to revolutionize your FERC data extraction and analysis? Here's how to get started with Gateway:

  1. Access Gateway: Current customers can log into the HData platform. Don't have access? No problem. Watch an overview video here.
  2. User support and resources: We offer comprehensive user guides, tutorials, and dedicated customer support to ensure a smooth experience with Gateway.
  3. Are you still curious about Gateway? Book some time with our team to see if for yourself.

Gateway, powered by HData, is here to transform how you work with FERC data. Say goodbye to tedious manual data extraction and embrace Gateway's efficiency and flexibility. Don't wait – connect with our team today and experience the difference Gateway can make for your FERC data extraction and analysis needs!

Published by HData Team May 8, 2023