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Apr 30, 2024 HData Team

Introducing AI Citations

HData is excited to share with you today the launch of AI Citations, the first and only solution that illuminates information sources behind AI-generated responses. AI Citations addresses a major limitation with existing generative AI solutions by making it possible to verify underlying information used to generate a response, and feasible to check answers for accuracy. 

Regulated energy professionals typically research, review, and analyze hundreds of lengthy documents on tight timelines. AI solutions can offer much faster time to insights along with significant time and cost savings, but existing solutions lack transparency when it comes to how responses are generated. AI Citations provides users with direct visibility into the sources that shape answers, allowing you to:

  • View source citations alongside Regulatory AI answers with the click of a button
  • See a list of the documents and specific text within documents that are referenced for each AI-generated response
  • Download source documents with a visual markup of cited text locations

These capabilities add assurance that answers are based on credible and factual information. They also provide an auditable trail back to the documents and locations of cited text, enabling streamlined review of sources. With the release of AI Citations, HData further unlocks credible, reliable AI use for the regulated energy industry.

With HData’s centralized document library, users already gain access to more than one million authoritative documents from federal and state-level sources, which streamlines searches for relevant information. Users can then leverage HData’s Regulatory AI to answer complex questions about these documents.

AI Citations are available now in the HData platform. Current HData customers can access the Knowledge Base to learn more about using AI Citations, or contact your Customer Success Manager for a walkthrough. 

To see AI Citations and learn more about HData’s purpose-built platform for regulatory energy, request a demo with our team.

Want to see Regulatory AI in action and learn how it can eliminate hundreds of hours of manual work for your team? Sign up for our webinar, Friday, June 7th at 12:00 PM EST / 9:00 AM PST.


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Published by HData Team April 30, 2024