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Sep 20, 2021 HData Team

How the FERC’s Decade Drop will Transform Energy-Sector Business Intelligence


FERC Decade Drop: 2011-2021

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has released a decade of valuable data. HData is the only commercially available platform that will allow users access to the comprehensive, industry-wide data which, up until now, has not been available anywhere else.

In December 2021, all regulated energy companies will be required to file their quarterly and annual FERC forms in a structured data format, replacing Microsoft Visual FoxPro and old-fashioned PDFs. That means, going forward, we can put every financial number, every operational metric, from every form, at your fingertips. The FERC has migrated all of the forms from 2011 to the present to the new data format, to be released all at once.

For the first time ever, you can track your finances against your past and against your peers. You can run predictive analytics to find new opportunities. You can set up data visualizations that automatically change whenever the numbers do. HData Hub, developed by idaciti, is the only solution to bring you instant access to everything in the Decade Drop. We turn this data into actionable business intelligence. That means you can stop collecting data and start making decisions.

For every utility and every pipeline, HData Hub automatically calculates metrics and Key Performance Indicators to give you a comprehensive view of your own business and everyone else’s. We’re adding new KPIs every day. And since every number reported in FERC forms is individually searchable, downloadable, and clickable, you can even calculate your own formulas.

HData won’t stop with the Decade Drop. Going forward, we will bring you every number from every new FERC form within minutes after it’s filed. HData’s solutions can be tailored to fit your business's specific needs, processes, and strategic priorities.

Published by HData Team September 20, 2021