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Jul 15, 2022 HData Team

HData Insights Launch Recap

At HData, we use technology to make it easier to manage and understand regulatory information. Our customers across the regulated energy industry use our platform to comply with government reporting requirements and use regulatory information to digitally compare themselves with the rest of the industry.

On Monday, July 11th - we celebrated a new phase in our company’s history, one which was made possible by our partners at Alabama Power Company. We released HData Insights, the first business intelligence solution in the energy industry built around your problems, not your forms.



"HData set out two years ago to become the first regulatory technology (RegTech) company in the regulated energy industry," said Hudson Hollister, Founder & CEO at HData. "We use technology to make life easier for all those who work with regulatory information."

HData Insights was designed by a group of Alabama Power Company executives, working in tandem with HData’s product team. Our design partnership with Alabama Power Company marks the first time that a regulated electric utility company has ever joined together with a tech startup to create an entirely new business intelligence solution.

Alabama power Company and HData partnered and started working together this past January after graduation from the Techstars Alabama Energy Tech Accelerator program.

"Alabama Power is committed to deploying technological innovation to better serve our customers and elevate the state," said Chris Blake, Assistant Treasurer at Alabama Power. "Our support for the Techstars Alabama EnergyTech Accelerator and our partnership with HData exemplify that commitment."

HData is bringing new ways to analyze and understand the information contained in forms filled by energy companies with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Across the state of Alabama HData's existing explores solution is used in the power offices to help benchmark finances and operations against the rest of the industry.

"We had an unprecedented understanding of the way that leaders in the utilities industry work with regulatory information," said Yuval Lubowich, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at HData. "We were able to bring in our HData's team's best-in-class abilities in data science, economics, user experience, and software development. And the result speaks for itself: the next generation of energy regulatory business intelligence."

We want to rescue you from the manual world of spreadsheets. No more downloading PDFs and creating custom Excel files from the manual data entry process.

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Published by HData Team July 15, 2022