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Jul 06, 2022 HData Team

FERC Professionals Group June Recap

HData was able to host its first FERC Professionals Group meeting in 2022 with Becky Blalock. A community of FERC reporting professionals interested in solutions for producing and consuming financial and operational data.

Together with Becky Blalock, Former Sr. Vice President & CIO at Southern Company, at this meeting we will discuss:

  • Key trends in the energy industry this year, especially what you're hearing on ESG metrics
  • Opportunities to modernize the energy industry with digitized reporting and business intelligence
  • Recommendations for professionals in regulatory affairs offices of regulated energy companies

Key Takeaways From the Meeting:

  • Renewables can't meet everything right now, but hopefully in the future.
  • Electric vehicles are used to better regulate and fuel your own home, and will maybe be able to sell it back to the grid.
  • There are so many things like Zoom that you can bring to the work environment that can create efficiency.
  • know who your peers are, know your network, build and manage those relationships with likeminded people.


Make sure to stay tuned for details about our upcoming meeting in July. We will have former FERC Chairman, Neil Chatterjee, join us on Tuesday, July 26th.

Why join the group?

The purpose of the FERC Professionals Group is to provide an open forum to discuss issues facing filers, foster an environment to build relationships, and provide helpful resources and connections. The group will meet regularly via videoconference to exchange information and intelligence on FERC reporting as the new XBRL deadline approaches.


Published by HData Team July 6, 2022