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Aug 05, 2022 HData Team

FERC Professionals Group July Recap

HData hosted the FERC Professionals Group meeting in July with Neil Chatterjee. A community of FERC reporting professionals interested in solutions for producing and consuming financial and operational data.

Together with Neil Chatterjee, Former FERC Chairman and current Sr. Advisor at Hogen Lovells, at this meeting we discussed:

  • Digital transformation within a federal agency
  • Modernization of energy regulation
  • How does digital transformation impact the future of energy regulation?
  • And the impact of energy policy?

Key Takeaways From the Meeting:

  • The modernization of eLibrary for better access for FERC professionals.
  • FERC Order 841 & 2222 are key pieces of policy that helped modernize energy regulation.
  • The importance of reliability and security for our energy network.
  • Increased digitalization within the energy industry will create efficiencies and better analysis.


Neil Chatterjee is a former Commissioner and Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), and has deep ties in Washington and across the industry, with extensive experience across the energy landscape both domestically and internationally.

While at FERC, Neil championed several strategic initiatives, including streamlining and improving FERC’s liquified natural gas application review and approval process, bolstering power grid reliability and resilience, and boosting renewable resources’ ability to compete in regional power markets and for the reduction of carbon emissions.

Led the independent, bipartisan Commission with a multidisciplinary workforce in locations across the US. Agency was twice named the Best Place to Work in the Federal Government while serving as Chairman.

Established a clear regulatory philosophy that drove policy achievements: Actions should be forward-thinking and competition-focused in order to create an ecosystem for smart energy-sector investments and innovation.

FERC would be a catalyst – an enabler of competitive and transparent markets that would support needed investments.

Established and implemented a multi-pronged plan to modernize the agency: Modernized IT infrastructure and overhauled public-facing technology platforms.

Developed a world-class, multi-layered security and intelligence program. Enhanced interaction with stakeholders to reach new audiences and amplify public engagement.

Make sure to stay tuned for details about our upcoming meeting in August. 

Why join the group?

The purpose of the FERC Professionals Group is to provide an open forum to discuss issues facing filers, foster an environment to build relationships, and provide helpful resources and connections. The group will meet regularly via videoconference to exchange information and intelligence on FERC reporting as the new XBRL deadline approaches.


Published by HData Team August 5, 2022