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Aug 08, 2022 Drew Franklin

Calculated Fields: Expenses vs. Net Generation

A new feature has been added to the HData API toolset within the HData Explorer.

The ability to view existing terms and create new terms and calculated fields from any line item in the FERC Forms 1, 2, and 6. 

  • Customize which operators you want to use for your terms, design nested calculations in the numerator or denominator.
  • Within the API you can select Add New Term which will bring you into the screen allowing you to name your new term, give a description of this new term and then select what values to generate.
  • Keyword search to help aid in finding the field you are looking for within the forms. 
  • Once you have selected what will benefit your needs you then can test your new term before you save! You can check to see if your term is a valid calculation or if it needs to be fixed.
  • Save your term and apply it directly within the API tool so that you or any of your coworkers can use it for their own analysis. Within the Admin section of the HData Explore section, you can limit or allow other users to create terms or just run existing terms.
  • Use your new term in an API template to download, or use it in a visualization in the Visual Analysis tool


The API tool creates customized data sets by bringing together any data field, submitted by any filer or filers, from any FERC form. You have the ability to create your own customized calculated fields using arithmetic operators and formulas, download to CSV/Excel and update automatically as new forms are received.

HData Explorer helps energy companies take advantage of their own and competitors’ public FERC filing data to add business intelligence into their compliance processes. It automatically delivers insights from your past and your peers’ public reports, giving you a comprehensive view of the industry.


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Published by Drew Franklin August 8, 2022
Drew Franklin