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May 05, 2022 Drew Franklin

HData Announces Board of Advisors

HData, the leading provider of data analytics and analytical tools for the regulated energy industry, today announced its new Board of Advisors. The new board consists of industry experts with decades of experience in energy regulation, finance, and consulting. 

"We are particularly proud that our Board of Advisors will include two former chairs of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission," said Hudson Hollister, CEO of HData. "This is an exciting time at the company, with new products and services being added to the HData platform. The new board members will help ensure HData continues to deliver the highest quality analytics and analytical tools to our customers."    

The company’s new Board of Advisors includes:

  • Jon Wellinghoff, CEO, GridPolicy & Former FERC Chairman
  • Neil Chatterjee, Senior Advisor, Hogan Lovells & Former FERC Chairman
  • Becky Blalock, Former SVP & CIO, Southern Company
  • Chris Blake, Assistant Treasurer, Alabama Power Company
  • Alyssa Arnold, CEO, ATex Energy Consulting
  • Hiren Patel, Corporate Accelerator Manager, Alabama Power Company


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Jon Wellinghoff
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Neil Chatterjee
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Becky Blalock
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Chris Blake
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Alyssa Arnold
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Hiren Patel


Jon Wellinghoff is the longest-serving Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in American history. As chair, Jon worked to modernize FERC rules to enable the delivery of new energy resources. As CEO of GridPolicy, he helps innovative tech companies - like ours - transform the energy industry.

“In my work to help innovative early-stage companies improve our industry, I try to find technologies that improve market efficiency and illuminate disruptive new energy resources,” said Wellinghoff. “I’m pleased to work with HData because our regulatory data platform, by bringing transparency and automation across regulated utilities, achieves both.”

Neil Chatterjee served as Chairman of the FERC from 2017 to 2021. Under his leadership, the FERC released its open data reporting mandate, which has made the creation of HData's energy regulatory data platform possible. Neil is known as a consensus-builder in energy policy and worked as chair to modernize liquified natural gas applications and bolster power grid resilience.

“Working with HData is an opportunity to continue the modernization of energy regulation that I sought to advance as FERC Chairman,” said Chatterjee. “By digitizing the interface between energy regulators and the regulated energy industry, HData is deploying new technologies to help reduce the burden of regulatory work while enhancing the business value of regulatory information.”

For nearly a decade, Becky Blalock served as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Southern Company, one of the largest utility companies in the world. This role culminated over 30 years at Southern Company leading in accounting, economic development, finance, and other roles, including managing the preparation of FERC reports. Becky is now a managing partner at Advisory Capital, helping grow and exit several startups and advising global 500 clients on cybersecurity, IT strategy, and energy. Becky serves on the boards of publicly-traded Aspen Aerogels, the Carter Center, and multiple other organizations and institutions.

“Early in my career, before I became a technology executive, I worked on Southern Company’s own regulatory compliance–so I’m very excited to use technology to help energy professionals understand and manage regulatory information,” said Blalock. “HData’s platform will transform regulatory tasks, to the benefit of the energy industry and all its stakeholders.”

Alyssa Arnold is an angel investor in innovative companies, an upstream and midstream facilities engineer, and the founder and CEO of ATex Energy Consulting. Alyssa's technical expertise includes designing and managing upstream and midstream facility projects; creating, planning and executing environmental, regulatory compliance and safety standards; and supporting clients on ESG initiatives and impact reporting.

“The midstream oil and gas pipeline industries are in sore need of automated, digital management of their regulatory information,” said Arnold. “I’m pleased to support HData’s work to make regulatory information easier to manage and understand.”

Chris Blake is the Assistant Treasurer of Alabama Power Company and a board member of the Alabama Power Foundation. In addition to leading the day-to-day financial operations of the state's fourth-largest company, Chris recruited and manages Alabama Power's elite internal team of financial and regulatory executives who are helping to create HData Insights, the next generation of energy regulatory business intelligence.

“I’m pleased to be leading Alabama Power Company’s engagement with HData throughout this year,” said Blake. “Our partnership with HData will result in a new shared understanding of energy regulatory business intelligence–which will be embodied in the new HData Insights solution, which our companies will release together this summer.”

Hiren Patel is the corporate accelerator manager at Alabama Power Company and a 2022 Clean Energy Leadership Institute Fellow. He has spent his career at Southern Company at the intersection of utility growth and innovation. Through Alabama Power's support of the Techstars Alabama EnergyTech Accelerator, Hiren has nurtured startups that have collectively raised over $150 million in follow-on funding.

“Through Alabama Power's support of the Techstars Alabama EnergyTech Accelerator, I’ve worked to nurture startups which have collectively raised over $150 million in follow-on funding,” said Patel. “HData’s regulatory data platform exemplifies the impact my colleagues and I hope to achieve via the Accelerator: solve the energy and utility industries’ problems while giving back benefits to our communities.”

HData is the only RegTech company delivering streamlined compliance and business intelligence to the U.S. energy industry. The company’s mission is to digitize the interface between the public and private sectors.

“As we formed this group, we intentionally recruited a range of experience, but every Advisor has made a permanent imprint on the regulated energy sector in the United States,” said Hudson Hollister, CEO of HData.

HData automates manual processes for people who comply with regulations, enforce regulations, and use regulatory data. 

Ready to handle regulatory data without the headache? Connect with one of the team members to make life easier by managing and understanding energy regulatory data.

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Published by Drew Franklin May 5, 2022
Drew Franklin