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Dec 01, 2023 HData Team

FERC Dockets are Here!

Big news! You can now access FERC Dockets in the Library, the same way you are already digging through the FERC Forms. They automatically include updates and documentation, and you can create alerts to track Dockets, search and filter catalog contents via keywords, and even use the Librarian for AI queries to uncover insights and help you connect the dots in your analysis. 

Here’s what we’re most excited about:

Find exactly what you’re looking for. By searching for specific words, you can identify the important documents to analyze, compare and download alongside your FERC reports.

Never miss an important docket change or update again. Automatically create an alert to be notified of any new or updated documents with the matching accession number.

Equipped with Regulatory AI. With the HData Librarian Chatbot, you can select files from the FERC Dockets Catalog and ask questions.

Screenshot of HData Update

All HData Library customers have access to the FERC Dockets library, alongside their FERC Reports and Private Documents catalogs. 

Want to see the new FERC Dockets in action? Request a demo.

Published by HData Team December 1, 2023