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Jun 13, 2022 Drew Franklin

Access 10+ Years of Annual and Quarterly FERC Reports

HData is the only energy RegTech company which offers compliance and reporting solutions alongside powerful business intelligence. Through the HData Platform, our users gain access to all data from every annual and quarterly FERC report, from 2011 to the present and in real-time going forward, for instant analytics. 

We are excited to introduce the HData Library!

The free HData Library empowers users to quickly and easily search and retrieve FERC reports without having to deal with complex searches.



“Throughout my career leading regulatory teams in the energy industry, I’ve spent many hours searching for and reviewing FERC reports,” said Susan Gamble, Regulatory Affairs at Alabama Power Company. “Until now, there was no simple, free way to quickly access exactly the energy regulatory documents I needed, without wading through a complex government website. Today, with HData Library, there is!”

Any user can register within the platform for free and access 10+ years of annual and quarterly FERC reports.

“We built the HData Library after uncovering the need for an approachable and easy to navigate solution to track down FERC forms,” said David Gruener, Director of Product Managment at HData. “What makes the product shine is our easy to use search interface along with the ability to view, interact and download forms.”

Advanced Search Capabilities

Quickly search and retrieve any annual or quarterly FERC report by Company Name, Form Type, Filing Year, Filling Period or even CID.

Simple is Better

No more navigating across multiple pages to find the report you are looking for. All reports that match your search criteria are clearly displayed for consumption.

FERC Reports at your fingertips

View, interact and download any annual or quarterly FERC report with a click of a button.

Ready to get started?

Gain access to the past 10 years of FERC reports

Click the link below to create a FREE HData Platform account and launch your ability to search all annual and quarterly FERC reports from 2011 to the present.

Yes, I Want Access

Published by Drew Franklin June 13, 2022
Drew Franklin